We are happy to announce that the 3rd European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference (EAPYC) will take place between 12th and 16th May in Bled, Slovenia. 
The 3rd EAPYC, which will be also a concluding event of the European Commission funded project Let it hAPYN that has been empowering young people and youth organizations across Europe towards more effective and evidence-based alcohol interventions for the last three years, will focus again on the main three areas of APYN’s work: capacity building, advocacy and youth research on alcohol and youth. This Conference will be a great opportunity for networking and learning from the showcased products that were carried out in the last three years by youth organizations themselves.
The idea of the Conference is to bring together up to 100 young people between the age of 18 and 30 from all around Europe to commonly plan the next stages of youth mobilization on the field of alcohol in Europe.
Za dodatne informacije glede konfernce in prijave lahko pišete na info@medicinec.si